Roll of Honour

Club Championship

This returned in 2015 after a hiatus.  The competition is run between our members run over the course of a year, generally in a Swiss format using League time controls.

Season Winner
2014–15Greg Adcock, Peter Hickman, Martin Hulland
(joint title)
2005–06 to 2013–14n/a
2004–05Alan Jex
2001–02 to 2003–04n/a
2000–01Tom Reynolds
1999–2000Robert Northage
1998–99Anthony Hadzimanolis
1997–98John Dawkins
1995–96John Mitchell
1994–95John Mitchell
1993–94Ieuan Ward
1992–93John Mitchell
1991–92Alex Richardson
1990–91Alex Richardson
1989–90Jim Miller
1988–89Graham Cole
1987–88Otto Hardy
1986–87Paul Madden
1985–86Otto Hardy

Quickplay and Lightning

Year Quickplay Lightning
2015 n/a Jim Miller
2014 n/a n/a
2013 Terry Adcock John Mitchell
2012 n/a n/a
2011 n/a John Mitchell
2010 Sean Sheahan Michael Fraser
2009 Greg Adcock Greg Adcock
2008 John Dawkins Peter Hickman
2007 Sean Sheahan John Mitchell
2006 Robert Northage Sean Sheahan
2005 Alan Jex Alan Jex
2004 ? Ed Player
2003 ? Alan Jex
2002 ? Ljubo Ignjatovic
2001 ? Tom Reynolds
2000 ? n/a
1999 Robert Northage Malcolm Whall
1998 ? Ieuan Ward
1997 ? Ieuan Ward